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What is Bard's Well Creations?

  • A Ministry, providing resources and services, especially for schools, Children's Ministries, churches and families

  • Publisher, mainly for Arthur D Bardswell's Fiction Works, Short Stories, Poetry and Articles

  • This site also hosts a Portfolio of Free Animations and Multimedia Presentations, mainly fictional stories with a biblical message

  • This is also a Notice Board for Story-Teller Events, both in-person and on-line

Who is Arthur D Bardswell?

"Many a song he'll sing for you,

Many a tale he'll tell.

Come, hear his lays of bygone days!

He is the Bard at the well."

Arthur D Bardswell (aka David Butler) is

  • an Award-Winning Writer & published author

  • a multimedia creative

  • an animator

  • a Story-Teller (both on-line and in-person)

He has written many short stories, poems and scripts, some of which are available on​

He has put some of these stories up on his YouTube Channel in the form of multimedia presentations or animations

A retired teacher living in the Dandenong Ranges with Anne, his wife, he is a proud father of 3 adult children and a grandfather of  5 amazing grandkids

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