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David Butler (aka Arthur D Bardswell

– published author and multimedia creator)
is a skilled and entertaining storyteller and poet.
He writes short stories, poetry, devotionals and full-length novels
based on Bible principles and his personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
He won a number of prizes in short article contests on
To view some of his works, follow (or paste) the following link:


Other Literary Works

David / Arthur has also published two full-length fiction works
which are available on Amazon :

"The Poor Preachers: The Adventures of the First Lollards."

This is an historical fiction work based on the activities of reformer
John Wycliffe's followers, known as "Lollards" in 14th Century England.


"Wings in the Wind: The Reign of the Mawh'eyri."

A fantasy fictional work about a mystical race of highly-intelligent eagles
living in Northern Lands long before the coming of Man.




The Story Teller Project is a series of animated and semi-animated
videos and services suitable for Children’s Ministries and Schools.

(Or for anyone for that matter!)
These are mainly on-going quality amateur productions available
free on YouTube.
The current project is a series of stories called
The Gospel According to the Creatures”,
where the ministry and teachings of Jesus are explained to two
Jewish children by talking rocks, trees and animals
that Jesus came in contact with.
Told in a colourful, engaging and humorous style,
it contains some serious biblical principles
including a message of hope.

Links to "The Gospel According to the Creatures."

Chapter 1: "FigFace and Vinnie the Vine." - Part 1

Chapter 1: "FigFace and Vinnie the Vine." - Part 2

*Chapter 2 is still under development

Chapter 3: "HeeBray and the King"

Chapter 4: "GrandMaa's First Christmas."

To keep up-to-date with the latest video, please subscribe
to the "Story-Teller Project" channel.

These videos are free to share,
but donations to the ministry would be gratefully accepted.

If you feel moved to contribute toward production costs,
please email David and he will send you bank details.

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